Frequently Asked Questions

How do I organize a visit?

Just call our number 1300 438 377 and talk to our friendly receptionists or nurses in Mackay that will assess the best treatment options and organize the home visit for you.

How much will it cost?

For everyone with a valid Medicare card, the service will be bulk billed so will not cost anything during the days and evenings.


If you do not have a Medicare card the fee will be $170.


How late can I call to get the bulk billed service?

The service is bulk billed for all services that are completed before 11pm. As it takes about an hour to get to your house and back with the consult time, you will need to book the visit BEFORE 11PM.


How long will it take to be seen?

That will depend on the numbers of patients on the list to be seen and which part of town you are in. We expect for you to be seen in less than 4 hours. If you think you need to be seen in a shorter time, please discuss this with our staff to advise you on the expected waiting time and let the doctor know of your situation.

Do you supply medications if you visit after the pharmacies are closed?

Yes, starting treatment early is very important so we supply starter packs of medication so the treatment can start that night and the full prescription will be supplied the next day.  In most cases, these will be supplied without cost to you but for some medications, their will be a small charge to cover their costs.


What happens if I need to be admitted to hospital?

The benefit of our service is that with our close links to the Mater and the MBH, our staff are able to arrange for your admission to either of these hospitals.

How do we know if this is a quality service?

Our track record in the community speaks for itself!  Having been operating the Mackay community for over 20 years, Dr McIntosh was also responsible for setting up many other successful and community orientated Mackay services (MPAHS, YIRS One Stop Shop, Pioneer Medical Centre, Mackay GP Superclinic, Walkerston GP Superclinic, Marian GP Superclinic, Exqisit Life Foundation, etc).  These are all continuing to operate and their ongoing success and quality is a reflection of the standards that are put into place – the standards in this service will be maintained at equally high levels.


The doctors in the service all have many years GP emergency and family doctor experience and are approved to perform the services.

Do you inform my usual doctor about the visit?

Yes, the information is sent to your usual doctor on the next working day.


Do the Mackay practices and GPs support this service?

Yes. Because this service is set up locally and linking closely with the Mackay practices and hospitals, it is providing another quality service for our community to reduce the demands on the emergency department at MBH. Now you are able to receive care in your home with excellent communication to your GP and seamless transfer across to the hospital if necessary.


This service will also reduce the after hours demands on the full time family doctors that work 5 days a week so lead to improved quality of life and hopefully more sustainable medical staffing for Mackay.  This is an issue we have been dealing with for many years so this will be another attractive feature to attract and retain quality doctors for the area.


What do I do if I have a serious emergency?

Call 000 and get an ambulance to get you to hospital without delay.

How do I know if it is an emergency requiring the ambulance?

For serious problems like chest pain, severe breathlessness, severe pain, bleeding or anyone that is extremely unwell or deteriorating fast, you need to get to hospital. If in doubt, call 000 or our number and we can discuss your situation with you and give you advice on the best way to proceed.

Call us today on 1-300-438-377

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